The Mass Save® HEAT Loan Program: Energy Efficiency Financing Case Study

CSG delivers a 0% financing opportunity called the HEAT Loan Program for Eversource Energy and National Grid under the Mass Save statewide initiative. The program provides customers the opportunity to apply for 0% financing on eligible home energy efficiency improvements. Loans are available up to $25,000 with terms up to seven years.


The Mass Save HEAT Loan is one of the largest and most successful financing programs for energy efficiency improvements in America. This robust financing helped Massachusetts to achieve #1 status* above all U.S. states for four consecutive years, for efficiency. The HEAT Loan Program is ongoing, and continues to grow year over year.

  • CSG helped more than 34,000 utility customers borrow nearly $315 million since 2006
  • More than 80% of financing was used for high-efficiency HVAC system upgrades
  • $9,836 average loan amount (3-year avg.)
  • 86% average applicant approvals by Participating Lenders
  • HEAT Loans help customers invest in energy efficiency upgrades

Strategic collaboration brings value

To remove financial barriers for customers to make energy-saving improvements, CSG collaborated with our clients and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to design a program with wide appeal. Home Energy Assessments identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements throughout the home; the program provides personalized recommendations proven to save energy and improve comfort.

Getting details right for all program aspects

HEAT Loan Program applicants must have a residential account with a sponsoring utility and undergo a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment. CSG’s attention to detail throughout the process enables success. We provide marketing, contractor support, scheduling, home energy assessments, customer service, eligibility reviews, and authorization of contractor work estimates, data analysis and reporting, and inspections of completed work.

About our clients

Eversource Energy (formerly NSTAR) delivers services to 1.4 million electric customers and 272,000 gas customers in Massachusetts. National Grid serves 1.3 million electricity and 900,000 gas customers in Massachusetts.

*The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

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