Case Studies for Energy Efficiency Programs

Case Studies

Driving high performance retrofits by selling energy audits

See how a refined marketing approach focusing on selling home energy audits drove a nearly 60% conversion rate from audit to retrofit for Columbia Gas of Ohio’s Home Performance Solutions program.

Integrating combined heat and power projects into Alternative Portfolio Standards and the Forward Capacity Market

It can be challenging for small combined heat and power (CHP) project developers and owners to capitalize on opportunities in APS and the FCM. See how we helped Aegis Energy Services do it.

Consulting, testing, and verification for energy efficient low-rise and mid-rise housing

CSG helps HRI construct healthy, affordable, energy efficient housing at Putnam Green to reach requirements for ENERGY STAR® Level II, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Stretch Code for energy efficiency, and LEED Platinum certification.

Innovative partnership boosts energy-efficient living in Urbana, Illinois

CSG worked with Ameren Illinois and the City of Urbana to design a strong community-based efficiency program with effective behavior change. The program was designed with a simple first step to increase homeowner participation, robust incentives that appealed to customers short-term, and multiple cost and comfort benefits reaped longer term.

NYSERDA Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®—CSG helps develop a win-win program management approach for a long-running, complex program

See how CSG helps NYSERDA reach its energy efficiency goals by developing innovative tools and processes to simplify a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program with strict regulatory constraints, across three climate zones for seven major utilities.

ActOnEnergy® New HVAC Equipment Program—CSG builds HVAC contractor network to reduce peak load in downstate Illinois

CSG launched an above-code heating and cooling efficiency program on behalf of Ameren Illinois, recruiting 800+ HVAC contractors to serve more than 31,000 customers, exceeding program savings goals five times over.

CSG Delivers Grant-funded Efficiency Maine Home Energy Savings Program—below budget and ahead of schedule

CSG delivered an ARRA-funded deep energy savings program to Maine residents—helping them stay warm while keeping energy costs lower. CSG achieved savings and budget goals, crushing the program mandate to save at least 25% on space heating and/or water heating projects.

Energy Efficiency Workforce Development: “Weatherization Worker Boot Camp” Training

To help Massachusetts abide by a statewide legislative mandate, CSG worked to provide an urgent and immediate energy efficiency workforce development training program. CSG collaborated with the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, the Low Income Energy Affordability Network, and the Center for EcoTechnology.

The Mass Save® HEAT Loan Program: Energy Efficiency Financing Case Study

CSG delivers a 0% financing opportunity called the HEAT Loan Program for Eversource and National Grid under the Mass Save statewide initiative. The program provides customers the opportunity to apply for 0% financing on eligible home energy efficiency improvements. Loans are available up to $25,000 with terms up to seven years.

Mass Save® Home Energy Services Program Case Study—CSG’s legacy of program management service since 1994

CSG delivers the Mass Save Home Energy Services Program on behalf of our clients Eversource and National Grid, helping solidify Massachusetts as #1 in efficiency out of all 50 states for four consecutive years.

ISO-New England Forward Capacity Market—CSG lowers demand on electrical grid through innovative policy

CSG helped pioneer policies for equal treatment of demand resources, such as energy efficiency, in the ISO-NE Forward Capacity Market (FCM). The addition of these resources contributes to a more reliable electrical grid and saves money and resources while boosting distributed generation and demand response capabilities.

RePower Bainbridge—Award-winning marketing immerses energy efficiency into the Island lifestyle

CSG originated RePower Bainbridge to reduce energy use on an island that exceeded energy capacity. Community mobilization, on-the-ground, high energy and highly visible marketing sets RePower apart from other offers in the market.

SCE Quality Installation Program for Residential HVAC—CSG eliminates contractor paperwork

CSG improved document management to enable streamlined incentive processing for HVAC contractors and their customers in southern California. CSG provided document QC, operational support, website management, contractor supportcall center servicessoftware services and data management, verification services, contractor training, incentive processing, and program management.

Wisconsin Focus on Energy’s Express Energy Efficiency Case Study—increasing participation in a direct installation program

CSG was engaged by Wisconsin Focus on Energy to perform direct installations in a new program. Express Energy Efficiency provides free, professional installation of energy-saving products to help reduce customers’ utility costs. Travelling to individual communities, the program effectively targets customers with a high rate of response.