Energy Code Compliance Programs

energy code compliance programsCSG designs and delivers energy code compliance programs that capture big energy savings by closing the gaps between energy code requirements and common construction practice.

These programs offer training and technical assistance for energy code officials, design professionals, builders, and subcontractors. We also develop documentation tools to support code compliance.

Importance of training on energy codes

CSG’s careful planning and delivery combines our building science expertise with real-world experience. This allows us to create engaging trainings for residential and commercial code topics. Training is offered in classroom settings, in-field, and online.

The Institute for Market Transformation estimates that every dollar spent on code compliance and enforcement returns six dollars in energy savings, a 600 percent return on investment.

How energy code compliance programs generate savings opportunities

For more information about how code compliance programs generate savings, view the white paper How Energy Code Compliance Programs Can Generate More Savings Opportunities authored by Richard Faesy of Energy Futures Group and Nick Corsetti of National Grid.

Code compliance program examples

CSG administers the Massachusetts Code Compliance Support Initiative (CCSI) on behalf of multiple utility clients under the Mass Save Program, as well as the Rhode Island Code Compliance Enhancement Initiative (CCEI) on behalf of National Grid. See Model Programs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island Close Gaps in Energy Code Compliance.

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