Energy Efficiency Software and Data Management Services

Energy Efficiency Software DataServices

CSG provides the software and data management services needed to drive down program operating costs and keep you on the leading edge of energy efficiency.

Our powerful energy efficiency software measures, tracks, and seamlessly integrates data for all aspects of residential energy efficiency programs. CSG’s software and data management services are backed by our expert in-house data and IT team.

To meet the needs of our clients, CSG built — and supports — innovative and all-encompassing data reporting platforms to successfully evaluate, forecast, and manage the schedules and performance of your staff and contractors.

We minimize paperwork and simplify documentation so the data reporting can be easily shared and integrated with existing client platforms.

Energy efficiency program management software: EnergyMeasure® HUB:

Our comprehensive enterprise-level system powers all elements of our clients’ residential energy efficiency programs. From customer intake to energy assessment scheduling, measure installations, and QC inspections, EnergyMeasure HUB is at the center of every program we manage. Learn more about energy efficiency program management software

In-home energy audit software: EnergyMeasure HOME

EnergyMeasure HOME is a real-time energy savings comparison and calculation tool—showing your customers how their home currently uses energy, how their home could use energy more effectively, and how improvements can reduce energy costs over time. Learn more about in-home energy audit software

Heating and cooling analysis and HVAC optimization software: EnergyMeasure HVAC

EnergyMeasure HVAC is a troubleshooting, tune-up and commissioning application to optimize HVAC performance—enhancing the technical expertise and confidence of your staff and contractors. Learn more about HVAC software

Online home energy self-assessment software: EnergyMeasure VIEW

EnergyMeasure VIEW is a free tool that allows your customers to quickly assess their home’s energy usage, prequalifying participants for energy efficiency programs and providing helpful customized recommendations for efficiency improvements. Learn more about online home energy assessment software

For more information on how our energy efficiency software and data services can benefit your program, contact us.