Energy Efficiency Marketing and Design Services

CSG’s marketing team provides innovative, award-winning strategies and solutions to drive consumer participation in energy efficiency programs. Our approach is rooted in best practices, deep industry knowledge, innovative creative and ongoing customer engagement. We work closely with clients to motivate consumer action and satisfy program goals.Energy efficiency marketing and design services

Our energy efficiency marketing services include:

  • Marketing research and segmentation
  • Strategic planning
  • Brand implementation and management
  • Digital, mobile, and multimedia marketing
  • Conceptual design and content creation
  • Multi-channel promotional advertising
  • Event management
  • Press and influencer relations

CSG’s team of experts connects real-world data, trends, and market research to create successful strategies and messaging for cost-effective campaigns. Our in-house graphic design agency focuses on identifying customer and contractor needs to produce energy efficiency marketing materials that ensure successful programs for our clients.

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Energy efficinecy marketing awards won on behalf of our clients' energy efficiency programs