Energy Efficiency Financing

Energy efficiency financing is increasingly important to drive customer participation in programs and deliver measurable savings. Financing can convince customers to pay for major home performance measure installations.Energy Efficiency Financing Programs

CSG integrates financing solutions into our clients’ programs, or help determine types of financing to offer. As financing mechanisms reach new audiences and gain momentum, CSG is your perfect partner to design, deliver, and manage these programs. Contact us to learn more.

CSG oversees more than $150 million annually in residential energy efficiency financing, in more than 10 states. We help clients with on-bill repayment and on-bill financing programs, and:

  • map financing tools and strategies to their most applicable markets
  • develop detailed implementation plans
  • create visibility and access to financing resources
  • set up and develop networks of local credit unions and regional banks to offer competitive financing to customers
  • increase real estate buyers’ awareness using ratings

Financing leadership & innovation

CSG can help you find the most innovative and competitive financing tools and strategies. We are a leader in national discussions to offer attractive financing options and products to help encourage customer participation.

Financing program benefits

  • Eliminates “first cost” barrier to energy efficiency upgrades
  • Helps motivate consumers to make significant changes
  • Reduces usage, creates positive cash flow
  • Customers can access their energy use data and estimated savings
Example: Massachusetts Mass Save HEAT Loan
CSG combines decades of experience to spearhead one of the largest and most successful financing programs for residential energy efficiency. Homeowners are saving up to 30% on energy costs due to financed improvements. View a case study.

“Impeccable customer service. You made the loan process very easy right from the start. I couldn’t be happier.” —Massachusetts homeowner

Example: TVA Financing Program
CSG administers financing for TVA’s Residential In-Home Energy Evaluation Program (IHEE) & Heat Pump Programs. Loans are repaid through on-bill collections provided by participating power distributors.
Example: NJ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program
The NJ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program provides incentives based on total energy savings in addition to a 0 percent financing option. Under CSG’s leadership, more than 75% of NJ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR participants use program financing to fund their efficiency investments. CSG, which oversees the NJ program under the administration of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and serves as a sub-contractor to Honeywell, negotiated a deal with the New Jersey Credit Union League. This venture enables the New Jersey Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program to utilize local credit unions and provide more competitive buy down pricing to the program.