Contractor Oversight & Quality Control

CSG is an industry leader in energy efficiency contractor management. We provide hands-on, comprehensive contractor oversight and technical expertise to ensure excellent work quality and contractor-driven savings.
Contractor Oversight and Quality Control

Our approach

CSG builds and manages cost-effective contractor networks that deliver the highest quality work and achieve program sponsor goals. Our end-to-end solutions include contractor recruitment, outreach, nimble and responsive daily oversight, and unmatched customer care. Our integrated data management system tracks the inspection process and simplifies document management.

Contractors thrive in our programs. We run effective and efficient programs with staff who understand contractors’ needs, providing an environment where they are listened to and treated as partners. We’re easy to work with and provide prompt payment. We help contractors grow their businesses with technical and sales training, innovative marketing strategies and materials, and increased leads.

Innovative QA/QC model system

CSG developed a comprehensive QA/QC system that provides job quality verification in a consistent and objective manner for any program type. The scoring system generates reports for each inspected job with summary reports—allowing contractors and program administrators to easily view trends and identify areas of improvement. This transparent system enables contractors to become true partners in successful program delivery.

Tracking & reporting to ensure cost-effective results

CSG’s data and reporting system is an essential tool for monitoring contractor performance in your program. Our system identifies and tracks critical data needed to ensure integrity of the measures delivered from a technical, administrative and customer service perspective. It is built with a set of error checks and allows contractors secure access from the field.

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Quality Assurance and Quality Control
CSG brings Quality Assurance and Quality Control to new heights by continually evaluating and improving inspection processes, evolving technical standards and requirements, and providing technical guidance and mentoring.

CSG’s QA/QC model system
The system enables CSG program inspectors to provide real-time feedback consistently to contractors, subcontractors and technicians. The system:

  • measures and quantifies contractor performance
  • pinpoints where improvements are needed
  • uses well-defined descriptions of acceptable work quality
  • records deficiencies and errors, and corrective actions