Model Programs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island Close Gaps in Energy Code Compliance

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Conservation Services Group Selected to Administer Model Programs for Training and Education

Westborough, Mass., (October 8, 2014) – Conservation Services Group (CSG), the U.S. leader in residential energy efficiency, is now the lead vendor for the Massachusetts Code Compliance Support Initiative and National Grid’s Codes Enhancement Program in Rhode Island. These programs, which can serve as models for the entire country, are designed to close the gaps between critical energy code requirements and project compliance.

“If we had 100 percent compliance with energy codes on the books, we’d see dramatic increases in energy savings nationwide,” said Stephen Cowell, CSG chairman and CEO. “We’ve consistently shown that once the design, construction and enforcement professionals understand the most up-to-date building science, compliance improves and net energy savings will follow.”

The Institute for Market Transformation estimates that every dollar spent on code compliance and enforcement returns six dollars in energy savings, a 600 percent return on investment. Despite this, some stakeholders “tend to resurrect the ‘same old thing’ in terms of developing and delivering trainings,” according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). This despite the fact that for many, according to the ACEEE, “training is often viewed as the ‘way to 100 percent’ in energy code compliance.”

The Massachusetts Code Compliance Support Initiative, which runs through 2016, includes (but is not limited to) specially designed energy code training, circuit rider technical assistance and development of documentation and tools to support code compliance. The Massachusetts Green Communities Act requires the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) and Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to develop specific energy efficiency training and certification for all local code officials.

National Grid’s Codes Enhancement Program in Rhode Island, which runs through 2015, will provide classroom, in-field and web‐based training specially developed by CSG. Training topics range from air leakage and indoor air quality to duct work and HVAC sizing.

“Nationally, energy code training is a pathway to greater energy savings,” added Cowell. “Lower energy bills for home and building owners and less energy wasted for all is a great return on investment.”

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